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Who is Living Trusts America

We are a document preparation company and have been doing business since 1989. Every State Bar Association knows about our company, as will as every State Insurance Departments, because when we started doing business in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Guam, we sent our complete package of documents and sales materials to each of them. . 

 Today, we have over 2000 retailer and wholesalers of our documents, but we remain strong our company statement of service which is "Our customers come first".

As a document preparation company, providing legal documents for professional law firms across the USA as well as private citizens like yourself. The attorneys who design our documents have over 35 years of experience in estate planning.

You can depend on us to prepare the best legal documents at the most reasonable cost. Remember "Our Customers Come First"

Let us be of service to you!

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Former US Senator/Governor of Iowa, Harold Hughes:

"I was more than happy when approached by Living Trusts America for my endorsement of their document packages. As I fought hard for the rights of every US citizens especially the citizens of Iowa, to conserve their rights to keep all of their estates, from probate, and estate taxes."

Paul Berstein:

"Technical Editor for Trial Magazine, Consultant and Lecturer) says: The document are excellent, and products represent an exceptional value."

Kline Strong:

"Law office automation writer and lecturer for the American Bar Association) says: Providing better and faster service and at lower cost to clients."

Yes Autolaw and TubroSoft Overdrive attorney designed document programs come highly recommended.

Attention: Estate Planners, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Tax Consultants and those who Prepare Taxes

If you would like to be a re-seller of our documents call us it is easy, 1-800-874-4443 ask for Jack or email us at for more information see employment page.

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We can not give legal or tax advice!

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